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Hotel Fiction

World On Fire Long sleeve Tee

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You’re walking down the street, coffee in hand, headphones in, absolutely vibing with the day. Suddenly out of the corner of your eye, you see a man running towards you. Nervous, you quicken your step, hoping he’s just out on a morning jog or late for work. Maybe it’s all in your head and he’s a figment of your imagination. Nope, he’s heading full speed ahead straight for you. You think about running away, but he’s so quick it seems futile. You brace for impact, wondering what he wants and why he picked you to sprint towards on such a beautiful day. Suddenly he stops right in front of you. “I just had to tell you how much I love your shirt. You must be the coolest person ever to be wearing that shirt”. Flattered, you thank him and say it’s merch from your favorite band Hotel Fiction. It’s designed by their own Jade Long and made with 100% cotton. You explain to your new friend the cool album references that go with the drawings on the shirt. You continue a conversation with the man, finding out he works high up in your career field and by the end of the conversation you’ve been offered your dream job. With a pep in your step, you continue on your merry way. Stopping in for another coffee, the barista loves your shirt so much she gives it to you on the house. How could this day get any better?? Well in fact it does. But you’ll have to buy this shirt to see for yourself.